Wooden Box Frame Sign Biscuits and Gravy

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One of the best sayings for couples, "We Go Together Like Biscuits and Gravy" done on one of the prettiest surfaces ever, a 9 x 12 solid wood box frame!

This classically Southern saying is one for the books. If you and your other compliment each other so well that it simply couldn't be better, well then, you are like biscuits and gravy!

What a great sentiment to share with your loved one for their birthday or Christmas or Anniversary. And what a great gift to give a new young couple or someone you care about who has a great relationship too!

Now this surface is something to write home about. This box frame is a full inch think and heavy! The framing on it allows you the convenience to stand this up alone on a flat surface like your bar or table. Or if you prefer, hang it on the wall, it will look better than most frames you have!

And for you crafty people, a BONUS! The back side of the box frame is a surface too! Get crafty and do something on the back your self and now this one sign can be oneyou flip to change on the wall or a double sided sign if free standing on a bar or table!