Wooden Interchangeable HOME sign with interchangeable holiday and seasons

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Look at this beautiful interchangeable HOME sign we have for you. We cut the word "home" out of 1/8 inch maple and mounted it onto this 2 inch thick wooden box frame. Stunning just like that, but we made this even more incredible for you.

In place of the letter "O" we have a small metal disc so that you can swap out different holiday and seasonal cut outs in place of the "O."

Now we sell this as an unpainted kit as well and there are more than a dozen cut outs available for you to purchase. But for this completed gift set, we decided to include the Home sign, a snowman cut out, a bunny cut out and a shamrock cut out. All painted by us and ready for you to hang up.

This box frame is amazing you all. At 2 inches thick, it is heavy duty and DOUBLE SIDED...meaning, have our sign on one side and do something else on the other! Because this sign can be hung...or it can stand on its own...no easel needed! This is a high end wood box frame...do not think thin like at your local craft supply stores! 

Pick yours up today and then come back and get more cut outs to take you into different seasons and occasions!

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