Home sign - Wooden Interchangeable Home sign with interchangeable holiday and seasons

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Take a look at this beautiful Interchangeable wood Home sign. It's unlike any you have ever seen, because we mount it for you on a 2 inch thick wood box frame that measures 9X12. This allows you to hang your sign or free stand it on a flat surface!

When you purchase this item you will receive:

1. 12X9X2 solid wood box frame with "home" painted black and mounted to the sign. Additionally, we will mount a steel disc to the sign for use with the interchangeable magnets

2. Three hand painted, multi-layer magnets for use as the letter "O" in "Home". You will be sent: Snowman, Easter Chick with egg. and Shamrock. Each will be complete with magnet on back.

 This is the perfect entry level sign for gift giving or if you are not a craft person or simply do not have time, but want one of these in your home! We have over 20 magnets available to choose from. Paint them yourself or let us do the work for you!

Pick yours up today and then come back and get more cut outs to take you into different seasons and occasions!

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