Wood inlay Mountain scene sign with mama bear and baby bear in woods

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This piece is incredible. This is wood inlay on a 12X9X2 solid wood box frame. We designed a mountain scene with a mam and baby bear in the woods and then we laser cut it out using 2 different woods and then inlay one wood into the other and finally attached them both tot he box frame for a third introduction of color.

Because this box frame is so outstanding, it is able to stand on a flat surface with no assistance from an easel. Or you can hang it on a wall! Your choice!

Pictured here is a Mahogany outer, with cherry wood used for the bears and then the wood from the box frame is the background. Don't you love how it is dimensional and without using any stain or paint, the color changes and grain changes of the woods make it so appealing and beautiful?!?

We use Walnut, Cherry, Hickory, Maple and Mahogany on these. If you have a preference, speak up and let us know, otherwise we'll design it and ship to you.