The Elf Made Me Do It Wooden Door Tag

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The Elf Made Me Do excuse we all likely use this time of year. Well now you can hang this on a wall, a door, a window...your choice! Because this adorable sign is just too cute.
The wooden door tag measures 24 inches x 10 inches. And come complete and ready to dress up your holiday decor. We have added the cure saying on there with festive red, greens, silver and gold! Near the top is the pesky little elf made out of a bell himself. And look out!!! He threw some bells up in the air to make lots of noise!
And of course, no sign from Deb at Glendi Designs would be complete without the crowning bow! And this bow is so fun. It has all the coordinating colors and little polka dots. The bow alone will make you giggle in delight.

Seriously you all, from the top of the bow to the tips of the elf's little curly toe shoes, this one will delight you in so many ways.

There is only this one- so don't dilly-dally or someone will steal this one out from under you!