Easter Bunny & Egg Door Hanger DIY Kit

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Welcome crafters to a cute wooden DIY Easter Bunny craft. This bunny is jumping away to the egg that says "Welcome Peeps."
YOU can be the designer on this! When you purchase this as a DIY craft, you pick how it is laid out, you pick the colors, you choose how to personalize it. It is 100% yours.
Can't you see yourself doing these cute craft with a group of friends? You can do this as a group, yes, even if social distancing is needed! Think how much fun it would be and how cute. This one is simple because it is pretty much all about solid colors. No eyes or details or even shading required to get a great results. Just paint and go!

We cut this out of 1/4 inch maple plywood. We mask it during the laser process to eliminate over burn. But we remove all the mask before we ship so that all you have to do is paint! No weeding needed.
The egg measures 11X14 so if you put the bunny all the way on the egg, there's your overall dimensions. Or, you can pull the bunny slightly off the egg for a longer or wider piece!

So come on...jump into the fun and get this great kit.

Not a crafter or painter? Well, we are making 20 of these available for sale already painted. But after we sell out of the 20 already painted, that's it, kits only! No customization on painting either. They will all be completed to look like the painted example in the photo. Look for the listing on this website to purchase the painted piece