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Hi, Michael here from Glendi Designs. I want to thank you on behalf of my family for your visit here to our little store and for reading my blog.

I grew up with a fabulous Greek mom. She was fabulous...just fabulous. And even though I did not go to Greek school and learn to speak Greek, she still made sure that we knew something about the country of her parents. That we understood something about from where our ancestors lived and died.

Growing up in Southeast Tennessee, we spent a lot of time on the river...Chickamauga Lake and Watts Bar Lake. My dad loved boats and I guess my mom did too, because starting in April, we lived on ours every weekend through summer. On nice winter weekends, we would go to the marina, take the boat out for a quick cruise and then sleep on the boat at the marina. I remember spending so much time on these the time I reached high school, I would summer on the boat. I would stay during the week and Mom and Dad would bring fresh supplies on Friday night.

OK, OK...I know get to the blog name...

The boats were always named GLENDI...the Greek word for celebrate or party. Because when we were on the boat, that's what it was...a big celebration! Full of friends, family and fun. Laughter, games, adventure and sometimes, heartache.

My wife and I relocated our little family to the coast in 2015. At that time, we decided to shut down our business and find our new path. In the 2 years that we took off, it became very clear to us that we have been given a huge gift. We were allowed to live out our dream in real life. We could celebrate every single day because we were finally right where we wanted to be.

Then it hit us, we wanted to help everyone love their life and celebrate right where they were in life. Not only where you are geographically, but financially, emotionally, etc. We want you to enjoy life. We want you to enjoy the gift of life. We want you to celebrate...

So, with that in mind, all our designs and products and comments on Facebook and blog posts and whatever will always come from a place meant to be uplifting and will be sent out into the world hoping you can all Celebrate...that you can all Glendi!

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  • Your blog brought back memories….. and yes, tears. BEAUTIFUL!

    Dad on

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