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Hi folks- it's Michael here from Glendi Designs. I am going to take a stab at sharing a little bot tonight about our recent purchase, the Glowforge.


You know, since we were married, Deb and I have always done some sort of craft side hustle. There were a few years we gave it a rest because of various medical issues or a newborn son, but for the 26 years we have been married, our live has been a combination of work, life and crafts.

Deb has ALL the talent. It is amazing what she can do without even thinking about it. I have seen her make beads for jewelry. I have seen her sculpt clay into bunnies with outfits and props. We had a run where we did wood cut outs of pumpkins and she would paint the cutest faces on them. Once, we even created the flower pot gift. She painted art on the outside of clay flower pots and we turned the lid upside down on them and sold them like that. They were amazing and each one took her WAY longer than the selling price let on. She deserved so much more. 

Anyway- I was always there as her worker bee. Glazing, base coating, cutting wood, hauling stuff, handling sales, handling the business piece. But never were we selling something that I made.

It was tough. I WANTED to be creative...I mean I have it in me...I think! LOL And then we moved to Kernersville and I had a HUGE garage and I started to tinker with wood and that was the end for me. I loved woodworking and furniture refinishing. And I did that for 4 years until we moved to the beach and I lost my place to work. I missed it so much! My creative outlet was gone.

Flash forward to 2020 and we are in 1200 square foot apartment while we look for land or a house to call our own here in Tennessee. All our stuff is here. Deb has her Chalk Couture business thriving and I help with that. Until I convinced her we could build our business bugger with a Glowforge. 

So I got my presentation together and we talked it out and the numbers made sense. We ordered it, it came, and my life has not been the same since.

I'm learning Adobe Illustrator so I can create files the laser can read and cut for me. I am back in working with my wood, even if it is on a much smaller scale. But it's me and I love it!

I guess what I am trying to point out here is we all have some sort of creative side inside and I encourage you to find out what yours is and then do your best to incorporate it into your life. Once you do, life changes. You'll wonder how you went day to day without the release!

My Mom worked out of the house. Not like we mean it today. I mean, she stayed home, but she WORKED! I wonder if her creativity was satisfied by all her cooking and entertaining and in how she kept the house just so perfectly perfect...right down to the triangles in the carpet at all times from the sweeper. Come on- you know what I mean! You've seen them somewhere before if not at your own home! LOL I hope she was creatively satisfied...she worked hard enough, I can tell you that.

So come on- live the life you were meant to live - take a little time each week to let your creative out.


And when (not if but when) you do, come on over to GlendiDesigns on Facebook and share some photos. I would really like to see how you create and what!


Talk soon-


Glowing now because of Glowforge


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