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True story...

One day my artist wife, Deb, and I were sitting around trying to decide what to do with our lives and she decided she needed to start a line of graphics using dogs...because she had a pug once named Josie and she LOVED that dog. That dog could do NO WRONG even when she really know like poop in the house, eat a raw sweet potato or dash out the door and disappear for hours. So this collection of dogs began with her, Josie the perfect Pug.

And then we introduced Tiffany, the Yorkie, who has champagne taste and Diet Dr. Pepper budget

Abigail, or Abby for short, the basset hound who grew up in the old South, with old money

Luis, the black Lab, an immigrant from Italy at 9 and unconfirmed mobster by 16

Skatter, the crazy chihuahua from Mexico, who, bless his heart, is just, well, skattered

Lennon, the boxer, who was born on the island, will never leave the island and whose idea of the good life is his VW Bus, his board, his friends and the waves


Together they make up The Barksdale Gang and here at Glendi Designs, we will feature them often as The Barksdale Collection. We'll take them on many adventures and along the way, they'll meet and make new friends to whom we'll introduce you. This will be an ever-evolving story and we are excited to feature them in our store.

Keep watching the blog for their individual biographies. I mean, you need to know their story, right? Or better yet, sign up at the bottom of the blog to get notified of updates!

But for now, enjoy them and go check them out in the catalog. If you are a #VFL like me, you'll get a surprise out there. The gang has already had one adventure and brought along a certain blue tick hound for the ride!

Thanks for stopping by...


PS- These wonderful characters may or mat not be loosely based on some of you...if the shoe they say!

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