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I forgive you...but do I forgive myself?

Posted by Michael Loucks on

A note from Michael:

Thanks for taking this journey with us - I apologize if my blog style annoys you. It is just me sitting down at a keyboard and typing whatever comes through. So when you read these, know that you are getting a peek into my deepest innermost soul. All because I want to help you move to a place of celebrating. Join me on the journey!

John Loucks Jr.- if you read this one too, know that I love you! Thanks for doing your best and more for me for the last 50 years. I recognize that now. I'm sorry it took so long.

The feature photo is of me and my son in 2009. It was our first time meeting, my first time holding him, seeing him, knowing him. I still remember the overwhelming feeling of love as my wife placed him in my arms for the first time.



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