Looks like we made it...the best is yet to come

Posted by Michael Loucks on

It has been a crazy couple of years...waiting...thinking...praying about what does God want us to do and where does he want us doing it? We felt so drawn back to our ecommerce roots, but just could not think of something that we felt would fly...you know, we've tried things in the past. And then right there in front of us was our answer...

And so here we are...2 years later, finally getting back to our roots, to our passion. Design and marketing with a cause. We want to uplift people with our posts, our products and our designs. We want to leave you in a better place than we found you, because that is what He would want. Now don't worry if you are not a believer, we won't be thumping the Bible on your head...you will still enjoy our site!

So we made it...we're live. And while we love where we are, we know that 

The BEST is YET to come!


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